When the market needs a steel part that cannot be manufactured by simple cutting, bending, stamping, then you have no choice, you need to hot forge it.

When you need to hot forge parts, you need to look for the necessary experience and machines park.

Located in the North of Italy, where hot forging is a long time business, Valbormida will provide you with both professionality and flexibility to hot forge your parts.

Please send us your drawing, we will analyze it and provide you with our best option: we have three generations experience in hot forging and several forging lines at your disposal.

Do not worry about shapes, we can forge both round (axial symmetric) and shaped parts.

Also, we will heat treat your parts to the specified hardness (we offer quenching/tempering, isothermal annealing and other possible heat treatments) and machine it to your drawing when requested, so that it perfectly fits to your assembly needs.

Indeed, Valbormida is a fully integrated company, where forging, heat treatment, machining, quality checks and tools manufacturing are performed internally by our skilled staff, according to our centenary experience.

Last but not least, we have successfully installed our first ring rolling machine, exploring all possible time and material savings when manufacturing your round parts.

Looking ahead, we proudly plan for the future: our 5 years business plan, built on the essentials of sustainability, provides for both capacity increase (forging and machining) and specific extra equipment (forging, machining and measuring) that will extend our capabilities to anticipate the everchanging market demands.

We value your business and look forward processing your request.

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