Established in Milan in 2004, Ubiquicom develops advanced products and solutions for real-time locating and tracking indoors and outdoors using state-of-the-art RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) and widespread sensors in an IoT context.

The Ubiquicom solutions can be applied in logistics, manufacturing, transport, and healthcare.

Ubiquicom offers a wide range of systems and solutions:

TRACKVISION: the industry 4.0 fleet remote monitoring platform. It enables telemetry, locating, safety, and remote diagnostics on cargo-handling vehicles and motorized assets.

PROXIMITY is the anti-collision system that uses the relative position of forklifts. PROXIMITY and PROXIMITY PLUS (the advanced solution) meet all security needs, from the most basic to the most sophisticated ones that involve people and vehicles in motion including integration with SAFETY LOCATOR software with which it is possible to know the real-time location of vehicles with additional features such as man down detection, zoning for areas at greatest risk and time slots.

SYNCHRO a solution designed for large intensive logistics to optimize workflows by reducing storage and collection/deposit times. It dynamically orchestrates cargo loading/unloading missions by integrating with the existing WMS (Warehouse Management System).

SHINDAN implements remote diagnostics using BLUEBOX hardware installed at the service centre that communicates with the BLUEBOX onboard forklifts and intervenes remotely to solve countless problems, going on site only to carry out necessary work.

In 2021 Ubiquicom was featured in the Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services Global, and in 2022 as the only Italian company in the Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies RTLS-based WMS, both published by Gartner.



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