PIERPAOLO NUNZIATA SRL deals with industrial automation.

We project and implement robotics cells and special automatic machines, to solve countless production requirements.

We can provide a full range of turnkey services:

  • Study of feasibility and engineering of product with the use of 3D software for the simulation of the processing cycle;
  • The design,
  • The costruction;
  • The implementation;
  • The installation,
  • The start-up;
  • The certification.

All of our solution are developed ad HOC in according to specific needs of the customer in order to optimize production, savings, safety and customer business improvements.

Our company has both national and international experience.

We operate in various sectors such as the plastic molding industry, the micro-electronics industry, the medical sector, painting, valves, the wood sector, the automotive sector, etc.

Our strength points are flexibility, capability in problem solving, close collaboration with the customer, close collaboration with the customer, entirely 3D design, ability to provide customer service at 360° from study to maintenance.

Some products developed:

  • Cells with anthropomorphic and cartesian robots such as:
    • Injection moulding and in-line processing cells;
    • Blade-sharpening cell;
    • Roboticized cell for dental-byte building;
    • Roboticized cell for the manipulation of part of warranty seals,
    • Ink-printing cells;
    • Laser printing cells;
    • Cells with IML technology;
    • Cells for spray paiting;
    • Cells with interlocking work-centres
    • Assembling cells
  • Multi centre rotary tables for paint paitings;
  • Machines with Cartesian systems, such as tables of resin paintins;
  • Machines for bonding different materials;
  • Testing Machines;
  • Conveyors of transport reels;
  • Dispensers;
  • Washing machines for silicon production reactor bells;
  • And much more..






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