Our company started its activity in national and international market in 1993. In 1996 we began with molding for production of complete mirrors for industrial and agricultural vehicles. In first years all the machining was processed by external companies but starting from 2003 – we moved to another plant of 3000 sq.m. – after the acquisition  of new CNC machines, all the machinings started to be processed inside our plant. In the end, also the welding process was moved inside. With these improvements we obtained the possibility of total control on mechanical processing. All our parts can be supplied in normal or heated version but also with manual or with electric operated movement. In order to obtain further quality guarantees, in 2003 we firstly got ISO 9001 quality certification, secondly we got the certification issued by Ministry of Transport for serial production and then the certification for products’ distribution in American market. These improvements allowed us to enter also in the first equipment market for agricultural veichles and earth moving machines. In 2014, with further effort, we acquired a small plastics molding company, which enabled us to increase our machine park with an in-house workshop for mold maintenance and a complete injection molding line consisting of 8 presses of various sizes, from 60 to 280 tons. In recent years, with the purchase of new presses, we have been able to enter INDUSTRY 4.0, which allows us greater quality control of molded components.


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