Ras Group SrL was born as a family-run company and has been dealing with industrial automation since 2021 but with decades of experience in the sector.

Specifically we go to optimize the production processes in any processing phase; production, assembly, quality control, etc. Or sector; plastic, metals, food, furniture… We design and build turnkey, customized machinery and plants with high technological content. All that does not exist on the market is our bread. Companies that operate in various production sectors and that have specific systems intended for this often find themselves facing problems related to situations that are not easily identifiable with proposals for standard plant applications.

we help small and medium-sized enterprises by providing all-round support, from help in choosing the processing methods, the operating logic to optimize the production of the machine/plant, understanding the real needs of the customer. for this we have created a partnership with professionals able to provide an analysis of the product cost, production cost, methods and processing times with the aim of identifying the critical points where to act with a considerable margin for improvement. there is always a flaw in any system, it all depends on where and how big it is.

In May, a company specializing in precision mechanical machining joins the Ras group. by the end of 2023 we aim to implement an internal technical office made up of 5 professional figures. By the end of 2024, we aim to become autonomous in all work phases.

We also deal with R&D, in the aerospace, renewable energy, agri-food, health and industrial fields, on commission and for our own projects ( BB1 & PONGO ). We work in direct partnership with CShark SrL and with the support of accredited universities and laboratories. All this by completing the project while remaining the only interlocutor for the customer.




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