Pactur company, manufacturer of shrink wrapping machines, was founded in 1986 by Andrea Turra, who was the protagonist of the development both of its wide range of models and of its worldwide spread resale net.

Pactur has always complied with its fundamental principles:

  • Whole production of its machines: from the frame welding to the final assembling
  • Sale multilocation: as many markets as possible, as many fields as possible
  • Seriousness and reliability

In 1992 the frame manufacturing company, which used to work as a supplier for Pactur, was acquired. Therefore, since 1992 till today, Pactur really takes care of the complete production process, which starts from the technical project and involves the frame welding, the mechanical and electrical assembling, the software programming and finally the quality control.

The trade mark Ladypack, which identifies all Pactur’s machines, conveys the company mentality: Ladypack stays for “Signore Macchine”, which in Italian means “high quality, esthetically refined, first class, elegant and reliable machines”. All these concepts are expressed by the two words of our trade mark.
In 2022 Pactur’s property is transferred to Paola Dozza, after Andrea Turra’s passing. Paola Dozza started working in Pactur in 1994, as employee in the export department, then she became share holder till the recalled 2022 event.

Both the registered office and the operational headquarters are in Zola Predosa, near Bologna, in North Italy, between Milan and Florence. The building, where both the offices and the production departments are located, belongs to the company. The production headquarter is divided into warehouse, welding, assembling, testing, packing and shipping departments.

Pactur is not outsourcing either the technical design, or the software programming, which are often outsourced activities.

In the export office everybody speaks fluently English, as well as our technicians do.

In fact, Pactur proudly states to have an international footprint for the worldwide net of sales, an industrial inspiration for the programmed technical range and a craftman’s heart for the special care for any detail and for the great flexibility in response to customers’ requests.

Take a look at our YouTube channel with plenty of informative videos: https://www.youtube.com/@PACTUR 


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