Officina Meccanica SCHIATTI ANGELO srl is an Italian company that manufactures machines for the glass processing, founded in 1956 by Elia Schiatti.

Starting from 1969, Mr. Angelo Schiatti who succeeded to his father, managed the company until 2012, when, the 3rd Schiatti generation, Mr. Angelo’s sons Cinzia, Emanuela and Alessandro, have taken over the company management.

Schiatti has been a leading company in manufacturing glass processing machine, for more than 50 years. During these this time, the company has combined its R&D and experience with the technological innovation so that Schiatti’s machines, can now be part of fully digital and automatic industry 4.0 manufacturing processes.

Our current production includes the following machines, which have high-reliability and long-life characteristics, able to process thicknesses from 2 mm up to 55 mm with high automation degree, according to the model;

  • Straight edging machines
  • Double edging machines
  • Bevelling machines
  • Loaders/unloaders
  • Double edging lines
  • Edging lines with straight edgers
  • Drilling machines
  • Drilling-milling machines

Alongside the traditional production range which includes the standard models, almost all the machines have been enriched with options and variants which “transform” the original version into a customized one in order to meet specific needs.

During the years, Schiatti has split its production, investing in research and development of machines, also for processing ceramics which have the same quality and reliability than the ones for the glass.

The company can count on 43 people among qualified commercial staff, engineers, technical offices equipped with the best design systems, R&S department and customer care office that are completely at disposal to satisfy Customer’s needs.

For further references, we attach the video which shows the processing of one of our double edging machines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_7ohRTtDug


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Export Manager Cinzia Schiatti


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