Logitech Automazione is an Italian company that develops with seriousness and competence industrial automation systems for different application fields such as fittings and taps, automotive, medical, locking system and other industrial sectors.

For over 25 years our team has been involved in the design and manufacture of machinery, mainly prototypes for analytical product tests such as leak test, dimensional test etc., scrupulously following the customer’s needs and bringing clear optimization of the production process. Following the latest innovations in the automation field, we develop high quality systems in terms of product identification and traceability.

In our main building we design and implement electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuits of our machines, on-board installations, anthropomorphic and Scara robots, visual testing and sealing systems. We develop PC and PLC software, mainly with Siemens components. In our secondary building we design the mechanical part of our machines with the use of 3D programs. We use a range of machines with cnc working centres, control lathe, grinding machines, traditional mechanics with lathe milling machines and drilling machines.

Logitech Automazione is now active in several European and non-European countries, providing a complete service for the on-site installation of its machinery and assistance both on-site and remotely thanks to the machine on-board technology installed which allows to support the customer with maintenance and repair in a short time.

With constant commitment to research and development of automation software and next-generation components, Logitech Automazione proposes systems which offer energy savings and reduce the environmental impact of machines manufacturing.

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