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Laroy Ltd. the company has been producing metal items, offering a wide range of commercial and technical products derived from metal sheets, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. Laroy offers its customers simple stamped plate items, semi-finished products, compounds and finished items, packaged and ready for the  market. Doing this,Laroy aims at providing the industries with an accurate, precise and efficient service.

Since 2005 Laroy is certified UNI ISO 9001, and now occupies an important position in its market sector. The production of semi-finished products is especially directed to foreign markets, and in particular France,

Austria and Germany.

Laroy’s products are intended for several sectors: household appliances, automotive industries, filtration, electronics, house, industrial and ship refrigerators, construction works, metal office furniture, gardening machinery, ceramic tile laying machines, post office boxes and other.

Laroy also offers an extremely professional technical and constructional support in producing tailor-made tools for its clients.

Laroy’s loan for use agreements include maintenance, modification, updating and technical improvement of the equipment.

The company makes use of mechanical and hydraulic presses whose power reaches 1200 tons.

Stamping methods includes both traditional, operator controlled procedures, and automated manufacturing. For automated tooling, Laroy uses coil lines for follw-dies manufacturing. These presses are equipped with robotic arms or in line transfer, using coils (mm.1000×6).

For pre-sheared metal sheets 800-ton mechanical presses are employed, with oil-pressure metal sheet blank-holder and bench of mm. 4,200×2,000.

Looking to be able to satisfy customers’ needs, Laroy also has a carpentry area, where there are machinery such as a 2D Lasercut machinery, and with a robotized welding station that’s able to use MIG/MAG, TIG and CMD technologies, a welding bench for Tig welding, a calender, and an automated trimmer .


Laroy Ltd is owned by the Giugni family, who has been active in this sector since 1976.


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