Kimera is focused on serving the customer in the best way possible.

Kimera S.r.l. was established in 2008 with the mission of developing and offering the most mobile and advanced solution for cold mixtures production.
It was founded with the idea of revolutionizing the production of concrete, cement mixes, mortars, cold asphalt and other mixtures.
Attention to customer needs and strong innovation are the winning characteristics that make Kimera the best partner in the world of mobile plants mounted on and off the vehicle.
Producing mixtures directly on site, controlling quantity, quality and mix design becomes possible thanks to Kimera mobile plants.
Extremely focused on customer’s needs and tailored made solutions, we have been expanding our product range constantly, both to keep our products up to date with the last technologies and to follow the market trends. For this, our corporate payoff is:
“far beyond concrete plants”
Kimera has been able, in the few years of activity, to export to over 35 countries around the world, from Peru to Australia, from Russia to South Africa. This is thanks to the strong innovativeness of the company, to Kimera’s commitment to keep up with the needs of the market and the continuous search for solutions, also tailored made, for customers, and most importantly, efficient after-sales assistance and an effective remote diagnosis system.
Kimera has tripled its turnover in the past 7 years, thus underlining the great appreciation of the market and the satisfaction of its customers. Precisely this makes us proud of what we do and pushes us to continuous improvement both in terms of product and service.

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