Kemper S.r.l. is a chemical industry founded in 1997.

The company’s mission is the production of products and services with high added value.

The technical relationships with customers established through time for the study of specific problems in various sectors, have allowed the Company to acquire a constantly updated knowledge to produce technically advanced products.

Investment in research, technical training and assitance, structural expansions, are key priorities in the Compan organization.

Kemper has a QMS (UNI EN ISO 9001) and has obtained the NATO AQAP 2110 certification and the NATO code (n-CAGE code) for commercial activities within NATO countries.

Kemper main products:

Descalers: pickling agents and specific products for metal treatment of any type of alloy.

Lubricants: special mineral and synthetic lubricants, cooling lubricants, greases, also available with NSF H1 incidental food contact certification.

Industrial cleaners: surface cleaners available in both solvent and acqueos solutions.

Degreasers: process and manual degreasers, for ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Protectives: long range and short range protectives, used for pre-painting storage and during transport.

Specific products for the Aeronautical and Military sectors

Disinfectants and sanitizers for food and livestock sectors: tablets, powder and liquid concentrated formulations.

Industrial water treatment: complete range of additives for a protective and antiscaling action in boilers, cooling towers and circuits; descaling and flocculating solutions.*

In 2020 the company created the Microbiolife Division from the experience developed in the biological activators sector,www.microbiolife.com, and it is added to the range of special products for the zootechnical sector, accessible from the specific website: www.zootechnics.it.

The company believes that the use of cleansing and disinfection products will play a key role towards the reduction in the use of drugs and antibiotics established by world regulations.

By the end of 2023 Kemper will end the installation of photovoltaic plant in its site to reach about 70% of energetic independence.

The administrative headquarters and the manufacturing site are located in Via Ponterosso, snc, 25020 Dello (BS) Italy.

Websites: www.kemper.itwww.microbiolife.com – www.zootechnics.it

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