EDILGRAPPA S.r.l. was founded in 1977 as a retail business for construction equipment. A few years later, it added the production of portable hydraulic shears to its commercial activities, initially aimed at the construction sector.

Entrepreneurship, inventiveness, and a strong drive for innovation soon led to the expansion and diversification of the range, with the addition of new, more powerful and versatile models characterized by high quality standards.

Over the 44 years of operation, the enthusiasm and enterprise have remained unchanged. Deeply rooted in the management is the belief that being entrepreneurs today means maintaining good operational flexibility and being ready to embrace innovation as well as to exploit existing opportunities.

Today, EDILGRAPPA is the only Italian company that produces such a wide range of high-pressure hydraulic equipment including: portable shears, punchers, hydraulic shears, cable cutters, equipment for controlled demolition such as hydraulic clamps and demolition clamps, rescue equipment, and U.S.A.R. applications.

With the aim of improving customer service, EDILGRAPPA Commerciale was established in 2003 and transformed into ITALRESCURE in 2017, to expand and diversify its commercial offerings.

Today, EDILGRAPPA srl and ITALRESCURE srl, in addition to their own products, offer brands such as SAVA (exclusive distributor for Italy), HONDA (distributor in the rescue sector), HITACHI (Power Dealer), and many other professional brands such as TRACTEL, AIRSTAR, INTERSPIRO, TYROLIT, BETA UTENSILI, KASK, etc., to offer their customers above all quality and reliability.


Export Manager Capitanio Giuseppe


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