We have been passionately craft producing steam generators for almost 50 years, guaranteeing efficiency of over 90%.
The experience gained in the sector allows us to offer high-performance products and services.
We manufacture generators with varying capacity 150 – 2,250 Kw/h (200 – 3,000 Kg/h steam) with electrical panels meeting Industry 4.0 requirements and, by fitting modulating burners, the working range varies from 10% to 100%, thereby limiting waste, energy consumption and costs.

We offer customised solutions such as tandem systems for large production needs and boiler rooms in complete and customisable containers.

Working alongside local farmers has led us to develop Vaporizont, a machine that lets you treat soils in an organic way using only steam produced from water.
Compact and easy to use, it is equipped with a trailer with industrial wheels for easy movement and comes with all the equipment needed to distribute steam onto the soil.

The company was founded in 1975 by Enrico Giorgio and De Carli Luciano, two brothers-in-law who decided to combine their skills and expertise to achieve the dream of turning their passion into a profession.
Luciano was a talented trader, Giorgio the technician, a brilliant mind in the field of metalworking and thermal hydraulics. He designed all the systems and machines built and in the valley everyone affectionately called him “Archimedes”.

Today that dream and unbridled passion live on in us, the third generation.
We continue to make improvements to offer ever more cutting-edge products and at the same time develop new designs.

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