Induction Srl is an Italian family business in operation in induction heating plants and furnaces production since nearly 40 years.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology for induction heating applications (internally developed) and long experience in design and construction of our plants, our company installed worldwide nearly 1.400 equipment, granting to our customers a turn-key service reliable and with highest quality.

The company headquarter and manufacturing site is located in the town of Poirino, nearby Turin, Northwest of Italy, in the same place where the business started years ago.

More than 55 employees, among by engineers, workmen and technician, project, develop, construct and test the INDUCTION installation before to deliver to customer site. We also follow and support directly, through our technicians, the commissioning and the after-sale service on customer site.

Our goal is to produce induction heating equipment according to the needs of customers, to ensure optimum performance and cost efficiency, not only through our extensive range of standard equipment, but also thanks to our flexibility, offering tailor-made products and a personalized service, not readily available on the market.

The deep knowledge and expertise in the industrial applications of induction heating, make our team one of the most qualified partners for the design and construction of induction heating plants, applied in several fields such hot forging industries, melting shops, heat treatments, tubes and pipes industries for heating, coating, welding processes and all the other special applications which may require induction heating.


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