The Fasano Tools brand operates on the Italian national and international market through the production and marketing of tools and equipment, dedicated to professionals in the Industry, Automotive and Craft sectors.
Furthermore, with the production of tool trolleys, industrial technical furniture, digital testers and elements of equipment, Fasano Tools over the years has become, within the international market, an emblem of Made in Italy, for the care, attention to details and customization that distinguish each product.
Subjected to rigorous quality controls, the brand’s tools and equipment are characterized by power, durability, but also by compactness and manageability, essential for effective use.
Fasano Tools stands out on the market for the wide range of work tools that cover all the reference sectors and for the wide and constant availability of spare parts.
The strengths of the company are, in fact, the assistance and attention to the voluntary and mandatory certifications to which the products are promptly submitted, in order to comply with international standards, as per current legislation.
Fundamental support for the activity of Fasano Tools is its website (www.fasanotools.com), extraordinarily rich in product information, detailed technical sheets, manuals, spare parts lists and innovative tools to find the tool or kit you need for your work. Like the “Tool Finder”, a revolutionary search engine, inside the website, dedicated to the range of products for engine timing. The communication of Fasano Tools also extends from the web to the world of social media, where it is characterized by a targeted and different activity for each channel.

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