In the mid-1960s, brothers Antonio and Santino pursued the dream of building the first prototype vending machine. In the years that followed, they went from the idea to the production of the first turntable model, created entirely by hand on the basis of a revolutionary patent involving several discs moved by a single motor and a series of mechanical clutches. An intuition that laid the foundations for the birth of a large company, in 1967 Fas – Fratelli Adriani Schio was born in the back of a house garden.

Despite the great oil crisis of the 1970s, the Adriani brothers continued the production
of their disc machines, improving their construction and finish, and thus began to
be a reference point for all European operators and also for other manufacturers in the sector.

The economic boom years saw the vending market in continuous evolution and growth. Fas soon
became one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of refrigerated machines. At the end of the
1980s, new proposals such as spiral machines were added to the original disc machines.
In the 1990s, Fas consolidated its leadership in cold dispensers by expanding its range by
introducing spiral vending machines.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Fas completed its offer with hot beverage dispensers,
first by acquiring a specialised company and then by reworking design and industrialisation
within its own processes.

Two dgital events mark these years. In 2010 Fas updated its range by introducing vending machines integrated with a tablet. At the same time, it launches FAS CLOUD, the innovative service that allows vending machines to be connected and thus remotely control all the parameters and settings of a vending machine. Fas brings an important innovation that anticipates the digital and big data era.

In 2015 Fas acquired a patent and licenses for TriTech, the waste compactor/shredder. In 2016
TriTech officially joined the Fas range, with the idea of creating a more eco-friendly break area,
reducing the waste space.

In 2022 Fas completed its offering by introducing the business division ‘Solutions’, which deals with integrated hardware-software Vending solutions for running any business anywhere. Today, Fas has around 150 employees, produces around 15,000 vending machines per year and exports its products to over 55 countries worldwide.


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