Thanks to thirty years experience gained in the family business, which traditionally devotes the art of engraving, as a result of the sale of a Company branch, from an idea by Marco Ventura, EMS99, a company specialized in the production of

steel types, marking wheels, interchangeable characters, holders, cliché for packaging machines in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and tobacco sectors, was born in the year 2015.

Considering its use, the steel type is a small product that requires great quality for its technical tolerances.

Our products are made of steel for cold works, engraved and tempered, or made of brass for hot printing. The traditional engraving with chip removal allows a clear print thread.

Steel types are made according to drawings or samples for various types of machines, not only Italian ones.

In a world where companies use more and more laser or inkjet systems for printing and encoding, the new rules that lead to the product serialization process are bringing, especially small and medium companies,  to mixed solutions.

Considering what above and in order to represent a bridge between the old and the new way of working – our company has decided to be next to people who still use a product of undisputed validity and reliability such as the steel type.

We offer our customers the highest flexibility in the quantities to be ordered on the basis of the actual need, very often concerning only small re-stocking.


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