Born in 1947, Atag SpA today occupies a leading position in the supply of technical items in plastic and rubber, growing its turnover up to over 13 million euros in 2021. With more than 60 employees, over 10’000 square meters of warehouse, three offices in Milan, Bologna and Mussolente (VI), in the 75 years of its history, several branches has been absorbed (OVAT srl, ADI srl, ATINS GOMMA sas) increasing its experience and confirming its vocation for innovation, quality, service and competence in all industrial sectors, including bio-medical, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, railways, shipyard and aerospace, that’s why Atag is necessarily certified ISO 9001:2000. Atag’s Catalog is not only wide and complete, research and development of new materials with improved properties has brought Atag always one step forward compared with the competitors.

During the years Atag has build up also his own productions, manufacturing itself his brand of Polyurethane and Technical PVC Flexible hoses (5 lines) extruded rubber parts (4 lines), molded rubber parts (15 molding presses).

One eye always towards the future, but hands and mind at the present tense, over 6000 items on our shelfs are ready to be dispatched within 24 hours, towards every part of the world like a perfectly oiled machine, meanwhile by the other side of Your keyboard or phone You’ll always find a person to answer your needs with a solution or a suggestion.

Atag is ready to solve Your problem.

We do it since 1947.


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