OSTI AUTOMATION s.r.l., founded by Osti Elio and Osti Simone in 1992, started its activity offering project design for industrial automation. In the first years of our activity, we designed complete solutions for packaging of pharmaceutical products, for the automation of chemical plants and hydraulic reach mowers.

In 2007 we became one of the Official Kuka System Partners in the foundry & forge sector; it had been a unique opportunity of expansion toward the national and the international market.

Today we also use other brands of robots such as ABB, Fanuc, Universal Robot and others.

Just before this opening we ended our period as a project design studio only and became general contractors; meanwhile, we refined our skills to provide solutions for other work areas like packing of plastic reels and bagging of granulates and powders.

Nowadays our main areas of specialization are automotive (aluminum components, casting iron, inox), food (handling/canning of bakery and cold products) and packaging.

Thanks to this variegate work experience we are flexible and creative system integrators; almost all the solutions we propose are unique in their kind.

Inventiveness and knowhow are our true mark: we offer highly customized solutions, with the intent of better understand the operative needs of the customer.

About 90% of the systems, we provide are equipped with last-generation robots and with the most updated

technologies to improve performance and maximize resource savings.

Our vision is to be the most successful at finding solutions to the unsolved.

Our mission is to offer the best and highest performative solutions at the lowest price, based on the customer’s needs and the available technology.

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